Parents Night Out 2023

Every parent deserves a little time off after a long week! At Parents' Night Out, your kids will get to spend the evening down on the farm playing games, making crafts, and of course spending time with our animals and exploring the gardens. We’ll spend the evening doing fun farm activities as you treat yourself to some personal time out! Perfect for kids aged 7 to 12, the event will take place in and around the new Smith Center and include dinner for your little love one. Drop off from 5:00-6:00PM and Pick up from 8:30-9:30PM.

**This program requires at least 10 participants to happen. 

Price per Event:

  • Member Pricing: $50 per child
  • Non-Member Pricing: $60 per child
  • $10 Discount for Every Additional Child 
Event Registration

Information About the Parent/Guardian 

Behavior Policy 
Wolfe’s Neck Center has an incredible group of well-trained education staff who run Parents Night Out. However, due to the length and nature of the program, we cannot deal with any excessive behavioral issues. If staff run into excessive behavioral problems, it will be up to their discretion to call parents/guardians, and they may have to come and retrieve their child(ren) early. If you think there is the possibility of any such issues, please let staff know in advance! Thank you for your understanding.

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