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We offer many different educational group experiences for all age levels. Pre-K through 5th grade should choose Field Trips. Middle school, high school, higher education and any other organization/company should choose Educational Group Tours.

Field Trips
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Dairy Discovery
Take a deeper look at our organic dairy program with one of our educators. Learn about cattle husbandry, health and production, and get a behind-the-scenes look at how Wolfe’s Neck Center manages our dairy herd.

Farm Explorers
Come join an educator at Wolfe’s Neck Center to explore the different types of animals we have here at the farm. We’ll explore all the hard work it takes to take care of our diversified livestock, and what every animal does here for the farm! Recommended for grades Pre-K through 2.

Maine Ecosystems
Join a Wolfe’s Neck Center educator as we explore the unique ecosystem our farm rests upon. Wolfe’s Neck has a unique blend of new growth forest which leads through pastoral field, vernal pools, and ends at a saltwater estuary into Casco Bay.

Seed to Table
Wolfe’s Neck Center is more than just a dairy facility! We also have our four-season fruit and vegetable operation here on the farm. Join an educator as we take a deeper look at how our tiny seeds turn into the organic vegetables we sell and donate to our local food pantries.

For more in-depth and customized fruit and vegetable tours, please email

Pumpkin Science
Hop aboard our hay wagon as we enjoy fall on the farm. Students will visit our pumpkin patch and explore the life cycle of plants including seed structure, germination, and pollination. Students will also pick out their very own pumpkin to bring home ($3 extra per student). This field trip is offered in October only.

Educational Group Tours
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Fruit & Vegetable Tours

High Tunnel Tour
Hop on our hay wagon as we drive across the farm to explore our unheated four-season high tunnel growing facilities. Farmer Tom will lead your group on a tour explaining the benefits of organic high tunnel production and the mechanics of greenhouse mobility. This tour is offered year round. Topics participants can expect to learn about include: Four-season growing in Maine, composting, high tunnel mobility, organic chemical free production methods, and food insecurity alleviation in Maine.

Production Plot Walk
Join our fruit and vegetable farmers on a walk through our organic chemical-free oceanfront production fields and learn about all aspects of food production here in the state of Maine. Our farmers will explain the science of food production which will change the way you look at grocery stores and your plate. This tour is offered May 1 through October 1. Duration: 1.5 hours. Topics participants can expect to learn about include: Organic food production, soil health and management, insect and weed management, pollination, and composting.

Orchard and Fruit Production Tour
Hop on our haywagon as we drive to our organic chemical-free orchards and learn about the many reasons that perennials are a popular choice for Maine growers as well as the ecosystem services they provide, including carbon sequestration! Participants will interact with our farmers, our pollinators, and our perennials. This tour is offered May 1 through October 1. Topics participants can expect to learn about include: Fruit production, variety selection, carbon sequestration, pollination and pollinator refuges, canning, preserving, and other types of value-added production.

Livestock & Grounds Tours

Welcome to Wolfe’s Neck Center
Get a chance to explore the Little River Farmstead of Wolfe’s Neck Center, the central campus of our 600-acre property. Learn about how this unique salt water farm is using organic and regenerative agriculture techniques to produce milk, meat and produce while giving back to our environment. Tour includes a walk through our barns and education garden.

Dairy & Husbandry
Take a deeper look into our two main barns to learn about our livestock and organic dairy program. We’ll give you an overview on cattle husbandry, health and production as you to go behind the scenes to see how Wolfe’s Neck Center manages our farming operations.

History Hay Ride
Climb aboard our hay wagon and travel through time as you hear stories of the ship captains, fishermen, farmers, teachers, and homemakers who have lived on Wolfe’s Neck over the past 250 years! We’ll explore the farm and its surrounding countryside, where organic farming has been implemented since the 1950s and the history of this place goes back even further.

Forest, Fields & Ocean
Explore the variety of ecosystems that make up our 600-acre landscape. Wolfe’s Neck has a unique blend of new growth forest which leads through pastoral field, vernal pools, and ends at a salt water estuary into Casco Bay. We’ll take a closer look at the forests, marsh, and farmland that make Wolfe’s Neck Center unique.

What Is Regenerative Agriculture?
At Wolfe’s Neck Center, we’re farming to educate visitors on where our food comes from and doing so in a way that is good for the soil. In this in-depth discussion, we’ll dive into the innovative regenerative practices we use in our dairy and vegetable production farming operations, and how it has the power to create a healthier planet for future generations.